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Welcome to our professional page

All the news of the park 

Contact with the press, professionals & influencers 

Hélène WERT

Admin chief

+33 (0) 6 50 04 25 93

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The medias & the park 

We appeared for the first time on April, 20th 2019 in Le Dauphiné, when we opened the park.

Click here to read the article (French)

On August, 7th 2020, Midi Libre spoke about our projet with ancient species and a family place. 

Clicl here (French)

Moreover, Ardèche-Tourisme website recommended us during your trip in Ardèche.

Click here to read (French)

Finally, we appeared this year on le Petit Futé 2021. THE reference for your trip !

Click here to read (French)

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