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Discover the animals and the activities in the
Parc Animalier des Gorges de l’Ardèche

Located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FRANCE), at a few miles away from the famous  Gorges de l'Ardèche and Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, our park is about 10 ha and presents many different species, from ancient ones, rares ones, endangered and recreated ones. We do our best to give all our animal the best life as possible with large runs with trees. To know more about it, click here


During your visit, you can do several activities in order to meet our animals. So, enjoy the stroke parks or the pony ride. Chill on the long chairs and benchs or have a picnic on our tables, facing the animals runs. Continue your walk on the forest path to joign the Aurochs' clearing. Activities and games for the whole family are available next to our waterpark, the Aquapark where you can cool during the hot summer. Last news of the park, enjoy the water and have fun with your children. 

Finish your visit our the nice terrasse where you can see whole the animals : enjoy the landscape, have a break and taste our local and fresh beverages.










With friends or your family, meet or animals and have a proper nature break in our South Ardèche park.


Our job and our passion consist in sharing our love for the animals,  to reinforce the links in your family and to learn how to be good ecocitizens. In the park, discover animals species you've never seen and have fun at the same time. To know all about what we want for the park, click here.

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Located a few kilometers from the famous gorges of Ardeche, our park covers more than 10ha and presents a wide variety of animals, some of which from ancient and endangered breeds.

Our goal is to give the animals the best possible living conditions, which is why the pens are spacious, and in most cases planted with trees.

To promote the meeting with the animal, several "caresses parks" are accessible.

Throughout your journey, you can rest on benches and deckchairs at your disposal, or picnicking on the tables installed in the undergrowth.

You can also take the forest path to reach the aurochs clearing.

A beautiful terrace overlooking the site will allow you to appreciate the landscape, to restore and refresh you.

Games and activities are offered to children.

on-site picnics, refreshments, shop


Different picnics on sale on-site



Bar and shaded terrace


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