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Food and marchandising

Located a few kilometers from the famous gorges of Ardeche, our park covers more than 10ha and presents a wide variety of animals, some of which from ancient and endangered breeds.

Our goal is to give the animals the best possible living conditions, which is why the pens are spacious, and in most cases planted with trees.

To promote the meeting with the animal, several "caresses parks" are accessible.

Throughout your journey, you can rest on benches and deckchairs at your disposal, or picnicking on the tables installed in the undergrowth.

You can also take the forest path to reach the aurochs clearing.

A beautiful terrace overlooking the site will allow you to appreciate the landscape, to restore and refresh you.

Games and activities are offered to children.


Chill on our terrasse and try one local ice cream with a nice local fruit juice or biers for adults only :) 


In our shop, you can fin some tee-shirts, teddies, pens, hats and many other souvenirs...


Discover some products made in Ardèche (especially the one you tried for your picnic) but also some cookies and organic soaps. 

Snack & terrasse

In the Parc Animalier des Gorges de l’Ardèche, you don't especially need to bring your sandwiches ! To enjoy your holidays and discover the Ardèche region through it's gastronomy, try or "panier repas", perfect for your picnics (1 panier repas si for 4 people / 5 if you have 3 little kids). MADE IN ARDÈCHE ONLY !


Find a bottle of water (sparkling or still), enjoy :  

  • Bread from a local bakery

  • 2 spreads,

  • 1 terrine de viande ardéchoise (= pâté),

  • 1 pack of crisps (Made in Ardèche) 

  • 1 pack of biscuit (to choose) 


Price : 24€

NB : Possible to have a no pork version (100% fowl)


A vegetarian option is also possible (with a bottle of still or sparkling water) :

  • Bread from a local bakery

  • 4 spreads,

  • 1 pack of crisps 

  • 1 pack of biscuits (to choose) 


Prix : 24€ 

NB : No gluten free version no vegan version (maybe in the next few years :) )

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